Angular 1 vs 2 vs 4

Angular 1.x is now rebranded as just AngularJS - although it's possible to upgrade to Angular 2+ AngularJS will continue to live on as a seperate project with it's own versioning system and releases will be independant of the Angular 2+ release schedule.

Angular v2 this is the new Angular and was released in September 2016.

Angular v3 the features that were due to be in this version were merged early into Angular v2, so "v3" was never released.

Angular v4 this was released in March 2017, it was a drop in replacement without any breaking changes (or very very VERY minimal, very few people were affected) its main focus was behind the scenes performance so just using Angular 4 sped up your applicaiton. It didn't change any core paradigms of Angular.

This course was created when Angular 2 was released and has since been updated to work with Angular 4

- This is why in the videos I mention Angular 2 but the title is now Angular 4.

- All concepts and topics in this course are for Angular 4 (nothing "core" changed with Angular 2)

- All code examples in the plunkers use Angular 4.

If you are still confused or worried if you are learning the right thing, just ask a question in the Q&A panel and i'll try to help.



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